LabStrong™ Media Intern Wins Awards

Ben Friedman, a Media Studies senior at Loras College in Dubuque, started as a media intern with LabStrong in the summer of 2019.  Ben's first  video assignment with the company had few requirements and gave him almost complete creative freedom.  The only parameter was the video needed to either showcase the company or promote a soon to release water purification system, the Rapids™.

We are here to help

At LabStrong, we promote Strength through Innovation.  We are a group of creative people that thrive on solving problems and finding solutions to make your lab life easier.

Need help in selecting a water system to best fit your laboratory's unique needs and requirements?  Reach out to us - we are happy to help!

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Rapids™ has time dispense!

The Rapids™ has been in the making for a couple years and we are so excited that it is now available for sale!  One of the most rewarding things during this project has been working directly with our beta-testing sites.  Our three beta sites provided very valuable feedback that helped us take the Rapids™ to the next level and ensure we were meeting the needs of the customer.  One of the requests made by our beta sites was to have an option for time dispense.  

They asked and we listened!  

Scott Community College Urban Campus gets a Rapids!

Wednesday, September 25 was an exciting day because Christmas came three months early for Ashley Salazar, Lab Manager at Scott Community College!  Ashley has been transporting type I water on a regular basis from the Scott Community College's main campus to their urban campus in downtown Davenport, Iowa.  Before Wednesday, Ashley would fill up large carboys, load them into her vehicle, drive 20 minutes, and then cross her fingers that she found a parking spot c

LabStrong™ Rapids™ can EXCEED ASTM Type I Standards

The standard for ASTM type I water is 18.0 meg Ω/cm and TOC levels of 50ppb or less.  The new LabStrong™ Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System meets these levels however, recent testing shows it can also EXCEED the standard!   Dependent on your feed water quality and maintenance of the system, the Rapids™ can reach RESISTIVITY levels of up to 18.2 meg Ω/cm and TOC levels as low as 5ppb or less!

Your Next Type I Water Purification System

Let us introduce you to your next Type I Water Purification System - LabStrong™ Rapids™ The Rapids™ was designed to provide an economical solution for analytical laboratories that need ASTM Type I water. The Rapids™ system meets and exceeds ASTM Type I specifications, resistivity up to 18.2 meg Ω/cm and TOC levels 5 ppb or less, (depending on feed water quality, environmental and maintenance)

Installation of the first Rapids™ Type I Water Purification Systems

It was a warm and sunny day in July when the new Rapids™ Type I Water Purification Systems were rolled down the hall at Loras College, each unit finding a home in their new laboratories.  Loras College is the first lab to begin using the Rapids.  We spoke with Lab Manger, Mary Bowman, about why she and her department decided to purchase the new water systems.