Lab OEM Equipment by Labstrong

LabStrong Corporation collaborates with both businesses and laboratories in developing and producing a wide range of products for specialized or OEM applications. We are the answer to all of your laboratory equipment needs. 

LabStrong makes OEM projects successful because:

  • Our designs consider the life cycle of all components incorporated into the equipment.
  • We study regulatory trends that may affect future design applications.
  • We have a focused OEM design team that is not bogged down by corporate bureaucracy. You will communicate directly with our design team.
  • We have experience designing a variety of laboratory equipment—shakers, hot plate stirrers, ovens, furnaces, water purification, sterilizers, mantles, glassware, dry baths, custom heater blocks, and incubators.
  • We have designed equipment that has been placed around the world, meeting a variety of voltages and regulations.

Please contact us to learn how surprisingly easy and affordable it is to turn your idea into a successful new product.
We are here for you!