EZ-Clamp Flask Clamp 2 Liter


The patented LabStrong EZ-Clamps™ were designed with the researcher in mind. If you are a researcher who is tired of wasting time with the same old screw down, hard to load flask clamps with over stretched springs and stripped screws, then you need EZ-Clamps! EZ-Clamps do not screw down or over stretch. Instead, they powerfully adhere magnetically to LabStrong shaker platforms allowing for single-handed (tool-free) attachment and reconfiguration.

The patented EZ-Clamps feature magnets on the base of the clamp allowing for simple attachment and reconfiguration of the clamp, without the hassle of any tools. Traditional flask clamps require screwdrivers and fasteners. With EZ-Clamps, the days of searching for the right tool, missing fasteners, or a compatible platform are gone. EZ-Clamps feature a durable and compact design. The clamps are stackable, which allows for optimal storage and saves valuable lab space. In addition, the clamps are simple to clean.

The 2 Liter EZ-Clamp Flask Clamp (part number HR0005-5) is able to hold one flask. The clamp features a soft molded base and plastic rollers, which prevents screeching of glass flasks against hardened steel. The soft clamp base also allows for great visibility of media. Three plastic rollers on the clamp allow for easy flask insertion with a secure grip. 

The 2 Liter EZ-Clamp Flask Clamp is designed for use on all LabStrong Helix 250, Helix 150BLR, Helix 150BL, and Helix 150 Orbital Shaker EZ-Clamp Platforms. Four of the 2 Liter EZ-Clamp Flask Clamps can be installed on the Helix 250 EZ-Clamp Platform at one time. One of the 2 Liter EZ-Clamp Flask Clamps can be installed on the Helix 150BLR, Helix 150BL, and Helix 150 EZ-Clamp Platform at one time. Each EZ-Clamp Platform features numerous mounting holes that make EZ-Clamp configurations virtually endless.


Made in USA with Global Materials -


*U.S. Patent No. 8,721,993 entitled “Magnetic Clamps for Laboratory Shakers” 

**Flask shown in picture sold separately