Helix 150 EZ-Clamp Platform


Whether you are using EZ-Clamp™ Flask Clamps or Test Tube Rack Clamps, the EZ-Clamp Platform provides you with the flexibility to use and quickly reconfigure them all! The platform has numerous mounting holes that make the clamp configurations virtually endless. The heavy duty platform is made of magnetic stainless steel that is autoclavable. The 10.25 x 10.25 inch platform is compatible with the Helix 150 models.

EZ-Clamp Platform Capacity

  • HR0005-1 (125 ml EZ-Clamp Flask Clamp): 9
  • HR0005-2 (250 ml EZ-Clamp Flask Clamp): 6
  • HR0005-3 (500 ml EZ-Clamp Flask Clamp): 4
  • HR0005-4 (1 liter EZ-Clamp Flask Clamp): 2
  • HR0005-5 (2 liter EZ-Clamp Flask Clamp): 1
  • HR0005-6 (Test Tube Rack Clamp): 2


Made in USA with Global Materials -


*U.S. Patent No. 8,721,993 entitled “Magnetic Clamps for Laboratory Shakers” 

**Helix 150, Helix 150BL, Helix 150BLR, EZ-Clamps, Test Tube Half Racks and flasks shown in pictures sold separately