D00121 Puri-Fi Fi-Streem Pretreatment Cartridge


The Fi-Streem™ Puri-Fi D00121 water pretreatment cartridge is a simple pretreatment system for Fi-Streem glass stills. The use of pretreated water increases purity and decreases cleaning of glass stills. The cartridge is ideal for small volume, pressure applications, and can remove organics and inorganics from feedwater. The cartridge life capacity is indicated by resin color change at two windows in the cartridge.  

Product Features:

  • Contains high quality ion exchange resin
  • Water purity indicated by resin color change at two windows in casing
  • Will produce water quality as high as 1 uS cm conductivity
  • Lower cost alternative
  • Disposable
  • Ideal for small volume, non-pressure applications and pretreatment of Fi-Streem Stills
  • Contains activated carbon to remove organics and chlorine from feedwater
  • Two year shelf life
  • Optional wall mount system available (AY0012-2)

Product Specifications:

  • Physical Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 17 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Operating Weight: 3 pounds
  • Operating Inlet Pressure: 75 maximum
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 30 liters per hour
  • Inlet Connection: ½ inch ID tubing


*Fi-Streem is a trademark of Fi-Streem International Ltd.