D002913KT LabStrong Cascade Standard Dual Style Cartridge Pretreat Kit


This Standard water treatment cartridge kit is compatible with the Cascade Dual Style Water Purification System. This cartridge kit consists of one D00291 (Pretreat Organic/Carbon) and one D00297 (Ultrapure  with dyed resin).

This simple water purification system is perfect for any laboratory needing an economical system to create purified water up to 15 megohm-cm. This water kit is ideal to use with pretreat water depending on your laboratory needs. 

Please Note: Cartridge Kit not included with the Cascade Dual type II system.

Product Features:

·         Fully customizable for your laboratory needs

·         Easy installation requiring no electricity

·         Color changing resin to indicate exhausted  cartridges when they are ready to be replaced

·         Small footprint

Product Specifications:

·         Part Number: D002913KT

·         Product Type: Water Purification Cartridge Kit

·         Compatible With: LabStrong Cascade Water Purification System

·         Max Inlet Water Pressure (Each Cartridge): 30 PSI

·         Max Flow Rate (Each Cartridge): Up to 2 liters per minute

·         Flow Type: D00291 (Down), D00297 (Down)

·         Resistivity: (up to) 15 megohm-cm

·         TOC: ≤ 50 ppb (depending on the feed water quality)

·         Physical Dimensions (Each Cartridge) (Diameter x Length): 3.38 x 18.19  inches

·         Number of Cartridges in Kit: 2

·         Shelf Life: 2 years

·         Temperature Range: 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (Warning: Do Not Allow Cartridges to Freeze)

·         Type: Pretreat Feed water

·         Characteristics: Designed for pretreat feed water needs and Type II.

·         Materials: All virgin materials in product (no recycled media or containers)

- Made in USA with Global Materials -

D00291 Cascade Pretreatment Organic/Carbon Cartridge
D00297 Cascade Ultrapure (Dyed Resin) Cartridge