LabStrong Replacement for Barnstead 25001


The LabStrong 25001LS Air Filter is comparable to the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ 25001 and 25001-DB Ventgard™ Filter. The product is suitable for operation in Thermo Scientific Barnstead water purification system storage reservoirs. The LabStrong Air Filter protects pure water during storage by preventing airborne impurities such as organic vapors, carbon dioxide, alkali and acid gases from entering the water storage reservoir. 

The product effectively filters dust and particles as small as 0.2µm from the air. Under normal operating conditions, the air filter will last up to 90 days or until 1,000 gallons of water have been drawn from the storage reservoir. Each air filter is individually sealed in a plastic bag to extend the shelf life. The air filter provides outstanding quality at a significantly lower cost than the competitor's. 

The LabStrong Air Filter is compatible with the following Thermo Scientific Barnstead water purfication products:

Thermo Scientific Barnstead Cabinetized Stills Storage Reservoirs

  • 210 Stills (Model Numbers A1065-B, A1065-C and A1065-D)
  • 525 Stills (Model Numbers A1085-B, A1085-C and A1085-D)

Thermo Scientific Barnstead Classic Still Storage Reservoirs

  • 10 gallon (Model Number B3043)
  • 25 gallon (Model Number B3045)
  • 50 gallon (Model Number B3046)
  • 100 gallon (Model Number B3047)
  • 200 gallon (Model Number B3049)

Thermo Scientific Barnstead DIamond TII Storage Reservoirs

  • 30 liter (Model Numbers D14061, D14062, D14063, D14064)
  • 60 liter (Model Numbers D14071, D14072, D14073 and D14074)

Thermo Scientific Barnstead ROpure ST

  • Model Number D6311

Thermo Scientific Barnstead EASYpure RO

  • Model Numbers D7421, D7422-33, D7428 and D7429-33

Thermo Scientific Barnstead EASYpure RoDi

  • Model Number D13321

Thermo Scientific Barnstead EASYpure II RF

  • Model Numbers D7031 and D7035

Thermo Scientific Barnstead Fi-Streem™ Storage Tanks

  • 30 liter (Model Numbers A56290 and A56290-857)

Thermo Scientific Barnstead Fiberglass Tanks

  • 50 gallon (Model Number B5041)
  • 100 gallon (Model Number B5042)
  • 200 gallon (Model Number B5043)

Thermo Scientific Barnstead RO Storage Tanks

  • 30 liter (Model Number D12681)
  • 30 liter (Model Number TY742X2A)
  • 60 liter (Model Number D9021)
  • 100 liter (Model Number D2622)                                          

Product Specifications:

  • Part Number: 25001LS
  • Comparable Thermo Scientific Barnstead Part Number: 25001 and 25001-DB
  • Product Type: Air Filter Element for Water Purification Systems
  • Compatible With: Thermo Scientific Barnstead Water Purification System Storage Reservoirs
  • Physical Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 2.83 x 2.83 x 1.52 inches
  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • Characteristics: Effectively filters dust and particles as small as 0.2µm from the air.


- Made in USA with Global Materials 


*Barnstead, EASYpure, DIamond, Thermo Scientific and Ventgard are trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific. The LabStrong filter is not affiliated with, nor supplied or sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Fi-Streem is a trademark of Fi-Streem International Ltd.


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