LabStrong Replacement for Barnstead D3750


The LabStrong FL0016-1 Final Filter is comparable to the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ D3750 Final Filter. The LabStrong 0.2 micron (µm) Final Filter is designed for use in ultrapure water purification systems. The final filter can be used with all Thermo Scientific Barnstead B-Pure™, E-Pure™, all NANOpure™ systems (including DIamond™), AccuDIspense™, EASYpure™, all EASYpure II systems, EASYpure RoDi and DIamond TII water purification systems.

The final filter is able to remove particulates down to 0.2 µm to provide bacteria-free water. The final filter is constructed of hollow fiber material and does not contain any wetting agents or surfactants. Each filter is individually bagged and sterilized by gamma irradition. An endbell and cover are included with the filter to prevent contamination of hose barb when not in use.

Product Specifications:

  • Part Number: FL0016-1
  • Comparable Thermo Scientific Barnstead Part Number: D3750
  • Product Type: Sterile 0.2 µm High Flow Rate Final Filter for Ultrapure Water Purification Systems
  • Compatible With: Thermo Scientific Barnstead B-Pure, E-Pure, all NANOpure systems (including DIamond), AccuDIspense, EASYpure, all EASYpure II systems, EASYpure RoDi and DIamond TII Water Purification Systems
  • Construction: ¼ inch MNPT inlet, variable hose barb outlet, automatic air venting
  • Maximum Pressure: 50 PSI (3.45 bar)
  • Maximum Flow Rate: ½ gallon per minute at 15 PSI (2 liters per minute at 15 PSI)
  • Shelf Life: Packaging designed to maintain sterility for 3 years
  • Characteristics: Provides bacteria-free water.


- Made in USA with Global Materials 


*Barnstead, B-Pure, E-Pure, NANOpure, EASYpure, AccuDIspense, Thermo Scientific and DIamond are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific. The LabStrong final filter is not affiliated with, nor supplied or sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific.


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