LabStrong™ Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System D003312


The Rapids™ was designed to provide an economical solution for analytical laboratories that need ASTM Type I water. The system meets and exceeds ASTM Type I specifications, resistivity up to 18.2 meg Ω/cm and TOC levels 5 ppb or less, (depending on feed water quality, environmental and maintenance).  The Rapids Water Type I Purification System is simple to install and can be used with pretreat or tap water hook up. The small footprint of the system takes up little space on the wall. 

The graphical touchscreen’s interface is user friendly and is a helpful tool.  The interface will provide notifications for things such as when cartridges are nearing exhaustion, give the user prompts and animations to walk you through installation or replacement of cartridges, cleaning the unit, purging air and more. Plus, QR codes embedded in the interface allow users to access things such as troubleshooting, downloading the user manual, ordering cartridges or getting distributor information.  LabStrong™ is continually adding to their video library on YouTube so that users have helpful how-to videos to reference.

There are six (6) available cartridge kits to choose from depending on the feed water for the system. LabStrong's Technical Service Team can recommend a kit that best fits your lab based on feed water to be used.

Note - The D003312 does not include cartridges.  Cartridges are sold separately.

- Made in USA with Global Materials -

Product Features

  • Economical
  • Up to 2 liters/minute of ASTM Type I Water - up to 18 megohm-cm
  • Time Dispense
  • Graphical Touchscreen with helpful prompts and animations
  • Displays Real Time Resistivity Reading
  • Standby Mode - water will recirculate for five minutes every 30 minutes
  • Quiet Recirculation Pump Operation
  • Easy to Install/Replace Cartridges
  • Helpful How-To Videos for installation, maintenance, cleaning and part replacement.
  • Simple Cartridge Reorder with LabStrong Link™
  • Easily Access the User Manual by scanning a QR code on the screen

Compatible Cartridge Kits

D00336KT Tap DI Feed Low Organic
D00337KT Tap Feed Low Organic
D00338KT Tap Feed Type 1
D00339KT Tap DI Feed Type 1
D003310KT RO Distilled Low Organic
D003311KT RO Distilled Type 1



·         Part Number: D003312

·         Product Type: LabStrong™ Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System

·         Max Inlet Pressure: 100

·         Max Flow Rate: Up to 2 liters per minute

·         Physical Dimensions (Diameter x Length): 26.5 x 22 x 11.5 inches

·         Temperature Range: 40 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (Warning: Do Not Allow Cartridge to Freeze)

·          Type: I Reagent Grade Water

·          Resistivity: up to 18.2 megohm-cm

·         Characteristics:  Analytical Type I water purification system

·          Materials: All virgin materials in product (no recycled media or containers)

·          Shipping Weight & Demensions: 47 lbs., 31" x 25" x 17"

- Made in USA with Global Materials -

LabStrong™ Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System User Manual