Rapids™ Tap/DI Feed Low Organic Cartridge Kit - D00336KT


This cartridge kit is compatible with the Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System. This cartridge kit consists of one D00331 (Pretreat Colloid/Organic Removal), two D00332 (Mixed Bed High Purity), one D00333 (Organic Removal).

The Rapids™ was designed to provide an economical solution for analytical laboratories that need ASTM Type I water of resistivity up to 18.0 meg Ω/cm This water kit is ideal to use with tap water or pretreated water depending on your laboratory needs.

Please Note: Cartridge Kit not included with the Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System.

Product Features:

·         Fully customizable for your laboratory needs

·         Easy installation requiring no electricity

·         Small footprint

·         Part Number: D00336KT

·         Product Type: Water Purification Cartridge Kit

·         Compatible With: LabStrong™ Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System

·         Max Inlet Water Pressure (Each Cartridge): 30 PSI

·         Max Flow Rate (Each Cartridge): Up to 2 liters per minute

·         Flow Type: D00331 (Down), D00332 (Down), D00332 (Down), D00333 (Down)

·         Resistivity: (up to) 18 megohm-cm

·         TOC: ≤ 50 ppb (depending on feed water quality)

·         Physical Dimensions (Each Cartridge) (Diameter x Length): 3.38 x 18.19  inches

·         Number of Cartridges in Kit: 4

·         Shelf Life: 2 years

·         Temperature Range: 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (Warning: Do Not Allow Cartridges to Freeze)

·         Type: Product water, Type I Cartridge Kit

·         Characteristics: Designed for tap water feed or pretreated water feed

·         Materials: All virgin materials in product (no recycled media or containers)



- Made in USA with Global Materials -

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