D00291 Cascade Pretreatment Organic/Carbon Cartridge


The LabStrong D00291 cartridge is compatible with the Cascade Dual Style Water Purification System. The water purification cartridge provides outstanding quality you expect from your water system at a low cost.

LabStrong takes extra care in sealing our water purification cartridges to ensure exceptional quality is maintained throughout the two year shelf life. This cartridge is sealed in a military specification vapor barrier foil Mylar bag, which dramatically inhibits drying out of the resin.

Product Specifications:

·         Part Number: D00291

·         Product Type: Cascade Pretreatment Organic/Chlorine/Carbon Cartridge

·         Compatible With: LabStrong Cascade Water Purification System

·         Grain Capacity: N/A

·         Max Inlet Water Pressure: 30 PSI

·         Max Flow Rate: Up to 2 liters per minute

·         Physical Dimensions (Diameter x Length): 3.38 x 18.19  inches

·         Flow Type: Down

·         Shelf Life: 2 years

·         Temperature Range: 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (Warning: Do Not Allow Cartridge to Freeze)

·         Resin: Carbon

·         Type: Organic/Chlorine/Carbon

·         Materials: All virgin materials in product (no recycled media or containers)

- Made in USA with Global Materials -