Heating Element 220V 900W


Replacement Part Description: Heating Element 220V 900W

Replacement Part Number: EL744X4LS


The LabStrong Fi-Streem part number EL744X4LS is the direct replacement of the Thermo Scientific Barnstead* Fi-Streem part number EL744X4. The heating element (220V, 900W) is a replacement part for Fi-Streem Water Purification Stills. The heating element includes the plastic element union and heater sheath. 


Need to fix your Fi-Streem Water Purification Still? LabStrong can help! LabStrong is the exclusive distributor of all Fi-Streem distillation systems and replacement parts in North America. The Fi-Streem products were previously distributed by Barnstead, which was a Thermo Fisher Scientific company.


LabStrong offers hundreds of replacement parts for Fi-Streem Water Stills. Many of the parts are stocked. All replacement parts that are in-stock ship from our warehouse the same business day (order must be received before daily order cutoff time). For convenience, expedited shipping options are available.


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*Barnstead is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.